Not To Mention …

French Fancies

54 secs from 7 minutes 38 seconds

French Fancies, video performance uses play to explore how the extraordinary occurs when the blob congeals everything into one. Food play is sacrilegious and taboo of waste; later translated through use of chopsticks and wooden spoon in gestural Blue Peter style parodying women’s domesticity. Madness is exacerbated by accelerated speed of doing, within each spliced mechanical self-duplicating unit, scratched Warp music intensifies speed of life/art.

The combining of everything-together gives rise to a whole new structure… another cake. Absence/lack re-emerges as an underground mutative force of all matter; brute congealing of cake mixture into gloopy larvae a fusion of opposites; disease-cure, high-low.


Diggin U

58 secs from 14 minutes

Diggin U is repeated three times; twice shot from long viewpoints, whilst the intervening act pulls viewer closer to the activity.

The dilapidated warehouse interior is offset by perfectly square patches of soil and protruding weeds employing cheap plastic gardening kit, I fastidiously dig into the rubble of dry soil; digging, rooting, patting, watering.

Reward awaits those who in turn recompense my own endurance of filming in an undignified December freeze; I feel my mucous dribble and fall into the discarded dirt. Engage a little longer and my paltry gestures will be embellished with the equally dry, tuneless intensity of Jacques Dutronc’s surreal lyrics. These are littered and entrenched within the non-narrative and erratic animation.


Paradise: Wildflower

2 mins 20 secs from 14 minutes

Wildflower explores syncopation of sound and visual movement through an Indian dancer’s organic choreography in relation to her surroundings, selected for connotations suggesting perhaps a return to nature, the exotic. Her performances, retain the visual physical actions in present time and sonically relocate dancer into the melodic world of live gospel, electro and African beat. Rather than a sporadic discordant jarring of image and sound, what unravels is a seamless quality, heightening the harmony and sublime of the movements as gestures in time.

Collaboration with dancer Bisakha Chaturangan and sound collaboration with INT_Routine, Wisconsin, US

Funded by Liverpool Culture Company

For original project context see here


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