Munich with Metal

Munich with Metal

Open Here, Construcktions-Connextions; Community Art and Diversity in a Common Europe, Villa Waldberta, Munich, 2007

Invited by Metal UK to take part in a residency in Feldafing, Munich in response to ‘migration’. I was inspired by the Villa director’s story of her parent’s separation during the second world war, and fascination with King Ludwig II and my place within Bavarian Germany. The result was a video performance alongside a construction that was part performance archive and theatrical set.

Both toured on an old German truck that itself served as delivery vehicle, archive and exhibition space to cities including Prague (Mamas and Papas), Marseilles, (La Friche De Belle Mai) and Athens (Cosmos of Culture). At each stop, the truck opened up into an event and interaction with the local community.  A whole series of art/music and performance unravelled at each stop off, as well as exhibitions in various galleries across Germany including The Pony Bar, YMPH and Carambolage. Besides my video performance and construction and ongoing discussion and exchange with other artists, I collaborated on several live performance events that included sound, action and ideas with the public and other artists.

“Interest and confrontation with diversity, partly shaped by migration.  The truck was a symbol of mobility… spontaneously organised activities and events.” Hans Geirg Kuppers, Head of Department of Arts and Culture, Munich.

Funded by Culture 2000 Programme, European Union, Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich.

001 Truck Installation .jpg0002 Truck Installation .jpg002 Truck Installation .jpg003 Truck Installation .jpg004 Truck Installation .jpg006 Truck Installation .jpg007 Truck Installation .jpg008 Truck Installation .jpg009 Truck Installation .jpg010 Truck Installation .jpg011 Truck Installation .jpg012 Truck Installation .jpg013 Truck Installation .jpg014 Truck Installation .JPG

Carambolage Exhibition


Madly Into Night Stills

001 Madly Into Night  Video Still.jpg002 Madly Into Night Still.jpg003 Madly Into Night  Video Still.jpg004 Madly Into Night  Video Still.jpg005 Madly Into Night  Video Still.jpg006 Madly Into Night  Video Still.jpg007 Box Archive Construction.jpg009 Box Archive Construction.jpg010 Box Archive Construction.jpg

Watch Madly Into Night video

YMPH Exhibition


A collaborative project with local artists and inhabitants of Munich inviting all in participatory activity to share a personal physical contribution from their own lives in an overlooked local alternative space

001 YMPH.jpg002 YMPH.jpg003 YMPH.jpg004 YMPH.jpg

Collaboration with Hummels at Pony Bar


YMPH, Munich, 2007

German musical duo Hummels were invited to rock out in the small confines of the glass advertising enclosure/gallery performance platform YMPH. I collaborated with artists including Edgar Lliuya, (Vienna) Evangelia Basdekis (Athens) and Tomas Zizka (Prague) in an interactive performance that strategically began at Munich underground station and amassed a crowd of curious followers through games such as ‘Don’t Drop the Stick’. Such games aroused a huge gathering of followers all the way to the YMPH where they were met with soup and a rowdy electro clash made by two grown men dressed in bumble bee outfits. Their glass platform amplified their sonics but not their ventilation.


001 Hummel.JPG

Pony Bar, Munich, 2007

Tomas Zizka ampifies his root alongside the strings of his Viennese wife, in accompaniment to my exhibited doodles and video projection.

002 Pony Bar Munich.jpg