Cable High

Cable High
27 second excerpt from 17 minutes 45 seconds

‘Cable High’ is divided into two parts. The first follows a panoramic cable car sail 1.5 kms from Hong Kong’s Waterfront to Summit Highland. The Disney track heightens the pearly hues and brightly painted vessels as they transport us high into the air. The transition from Ocean Park cable to Ngong Ping Skyrail ride and accompanying shift in soundtrack- to creaking cables and unsteady tremors is almost undetected. The landscape becomes enshrouded by mist, revealing the fragility of our suspension and inability to ascertain what lies ahead. The second part animates cable cars in a dance – Ocean Park’s subscribed fun, whilst we follow criss-crossing cables shot across Hong Kong and San Francisco, place and culture are homogenised into a single line against a generic sky. The video ends with an abstracted reconfiguration of Golden Gate Bridge into movement and line. The heavy, immobile steel structure becomes a series of free angular contours and curves; attempt to dislodge the permanent and expected.

For wider context the video was initially created, see gallery guide


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