Next Up, Bluecoat

‘Next Up: Liverpool Art Now’

Bluecoat, Liverpool

12 December 2008 – 22 February 2009 

A group exhibition showcasing 39 artists living and working in the city, Next Up: Liverpool Art Now celebrates the depth of creative talent currently to be found on Merseyside.

Featuring painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture, installation and animation, Next Up presents a diverse range of works by artists with established national and international careers, alongside emerging artists early in their professional practice. Artists are an essential ingredient of Liverpool’s ‘cultural capital’, and as we leave 2008 behind and look forward to what’s next up, this exhibition acts as a reflection of the strength of the city’s visual arts right now.

Desire End-Begin

Yung’s miniature electrical peep show lights up to  recreate possibility of an adult fairytale, reincarnating everyday household scrap into a set design for a theatrical, opulent narrative. The absurd props – flaxen hair creeps out of a showbox, closer inspection reveals a disguised eyehole for spying on a luxurious decadent interior scene that reveals some sort of crime scebe. On an adjacent plinth a caterpillar composed of leaves, soil, bracken, connected by magnets takes form to reveal Ludwig II’s head from an old chocolate wrapper. Each prop and character probes the viewer’s darker desires, hidden psychological yearning for the performance of play and fantasy.  The precious re-composition of salvaged scraps enables their re-formation into new situations and possibilities that allow the mind to tune into what is at once humbling and grotesquely beautiful.

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