Opening Event In Conversation & Performances, 27 July 2pm

Installing the show & Private View

Week 1: Instruction

Monday 29 July, Hatha Yoga

Tuesday 30 July Expressive Physical Theatre and Laban Dance

Wednesday 31 July Popping, Locking & Electric Boogaloo

Thursday 1st August Alexander Technique, Butoh & Brazilian Dance

Friday, thank goodness for offsite Body Break

Saturday 3rd August

Sunday 4th August Ashanga Yoga

Check back for updates…

Week 2: Forward

Closing Event, In conversation & Performance, 10th August, 2pm

See Opening Talk & Performance, 27 July 2013, 2pm

See here for the Dancer, Participant & DVD Amnesty Open Calls

Main Shadow Dance text

See Schedule here

See other Documentation here

See Closing Event, Talk & Performance, 10 August, 2013, 2pm

More images, reviews and audio interviews to come