Early works-2005

Scrap: “Art for F**k’s Sake”

Scrap, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow, 2005

Collaboration with Pete Martin & Richie Cummings

Pete, Richie and I collaborated to re-designate Intermedia as a multi-sensory aesthetic playground, living in the back gallery space for three weeks and allocating ourselves only three-days to create an installation with a limited range of tools, a Glasgow map and our scavenging prowess.

Viewers were invited to take part in the assembly and construction of the artwork and bartering with neighbours, local market and business owners as a welcome social interaction. This resulted in chance scenarios, a passer by punter risking his mullet with our make-shift barber shop, paintings in return for free parking and discussion for the harmonica performance from the neighbouring Czech restaurant owner.

Local electroacoustic musicians were invited to create a sonic sound-scape, amplifying everything from an old comb to a child’s keyboard and creating an orchestra alongside our audio garden structure Technophone.

Commissioned by Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow



Making process

Part 1/1

Part 2/2

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