Everbloom… Eyebeam NYC Collaboration

Everbloom Pocket City Pollination, London, March, 2010

Collaboration with Eyebeam, NYC, part of Electrosmog Festival

I organised Everbloom Pocket City Pollination, a day of urban wilderness activity between 3-6pm, Saturday, March 20 across North and East London. The public were invited in communal guerrilla gardening in a bid to nurture our neglected cityscapes. Everbloom… forms part of Urban Wilderness Action Center (UWAC), a collaboration with Eyebeam, New York that rallies a day of action involving NYC, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. Together each of the four lead cities hosted a day of free artist-led interventions that responded to urban wilderness, with each artist designing and disseminating guerrilla gardening projects conceived as part of Electrosmog, a festival exploring the concept of “Sustainable Immobility”

Everbloom…  unified rogue concrete cultivation experts and integrated social gardeners in synchronised urban wilderness activity across Harringay to Shoreditch. Private and public action involved individual activists, organisations and members of the public to  share skills and deploy guerrilla tactics across multiple sites and activities; from inner city housing, parking lot and religious grounds to council endorsed Memorial site. Actions involved a chance to share skills, meet fellow green belts or beginners and to undertake some clandestine activity; from edible wild flower patchwork exchange, vegetable balcony advisory, pumpkin planting and mistreated yard clear up to a geo-map seed bombing walk.

I staged two public urban wilderness events to get involved in on the day, including experimental dispersal of the latest seed vegetable capsule technology in an exploratory walk across Shoreditch; a chance to join forces, bring some seeds and experiment in subversive gardening tactics to cultivate our forgotten, unlikely concrete settings for a healthier, self-regenerating city garden.

Everbloom resists inertia of urban environment beyond risk of getting arrested, encouraging active co-creation of our surroundings.  For me, urban wilderness was about platforming and mobilising what’s already happening in small pockets across the city, with or without council support. My role as cohesive mulch, pollinating communication between the loci events is to generate and configure process, stimulate healing of landscape. I wanted to include diverse voices, from The New Hanbury Project to Arnold Circus’ Bengali pumpkin planters. With less green spaces, we can make our own.

Two public events across north and east London: Urban Gardening at Furtherfield.org and Seed Capsule Bombing Walk, Hoxton

See how the urban wilderness activities unraveled- videos, text and images at:



Interview with Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield.org and Tim Osborn, 15 minutes

Discussing our cultivation of neglected urban spaces and intersection with technology

Apologies for my mic yelling and the fluctuating audio… tech spec.
Watch it here:

This event was part of the Electrosmog Festival.