The Reel Michael Jackson

Dubdee; Derek Lodge and Michael Mallet

Sonic Blob, 2006

Collaboration with Scotland’s Derek Lodge and Michael Mallette, I invited them to interpret my sculptures and video works through live poetry, music and performance. They opened my show: Sonic Blob ( put a link to video!!!!)

001 Sonic Blob Dubdee.jpg

002 Sonic Blob Dubdee.jpg003 Sonic Blob Dubdee.jpg

Invited The Reel Michael Jackson; Herve Goffings

The Reel Michael Jackson

Physical movement and sound is swept into the gallery by Herve Goffings, Parisian dancer. I felt Michael Jackson had long time been too dead and it was time to revive him, Herve helped make the dream come true for many.

001 Michael Jackson Herve Goffings.jpg002 Michael Jackson Herve Goffings.jpg003 Michael Jackson Herve Goffings.jpg004 Michael Jackson Herve Goffings.jpg

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