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Paradise Stories: Ordained from Kai-Oi Joyce Yung on Vimeo.

Bus Journey, 1 minute excerpt from 6 minutes 46 seconds,

Bus Journey follows a seemingly mundane conversation and journey with driver of Liverpool bus 82 and it’s to-fro trajectory from one end of route to another. The steady paced bus hum tunes the driver’s resigned indignation to his unextraordinary vocation and weary daily encounters. The partly transcribed exchange and subtitles obstruct delivery of meaning to viewer, highlighting impossibility to be heard; a certain overview for our routine waiting for Godot and triggering viewer to rethink their personal pathway. Commissioned by Liverpool Culture Company

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Paradise Voices

4 mins 9 secs excerpt

Paradise Voices from Kai-Oi Joyce Yung on Vimeo.

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Paradise: Losing Nature

2 mins 57 from 20 mins

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Beyond The Arch

2 mins 2 secs from 15 minutes

Beyond The Arch investigates Liverpool Chinatown’s growth and decline. Departing from 19th century Blue Funnel Line, through boarding houses, laundrettes and arriving at present day Liverpool-Shanghai twinning and beyond city of Culture, the city’s flux is set in context through the voices of various members of the community, from businessmen to families and social workers. In face of war, upheaval, rivalry threat, the investigation offers a multi faceted understanding of one of Europe’s longest established communities. The journey invites audience to exchange their own memories with Chinese culture, and to confront the wider risk of migration; dissolving cultural identity between generations and geographical borders. The video was part of the event Beyond The Arch, a “Virtual walk”, Walk The Plank, Liverpool. The event integrated music and performance using the video as a threading narrative to unite the component parts. Commissioned by Walk The Plank and Arts Council England