2 mins 38secs

EFGABD is a collaboration with Mark Pilkington, electo-acoustic musician. Yung created the video piece to the soundwork by Pilkington. It is one of a series of video works seeing the artists draw upon engineering of sound and its construction to play component part to visual imagery towards an installation entailing a separate live performance to bring the video process into a live dimension. Sprung from a structure based on a Fibonacci based matrix, the artists carried out tasks to produce a moving image or sonic component (harmony/texture), with only length as the determining factor with theme and approach free from restraint. Here, the letters EFGABD are transformed into lines and minimal geometric shapes. Following this blindfolded method, with each artist working independently, EFGABD is such a work that visually plays on the musical technique of the pitch axis theory and chance, both visual and sound were then brought together on the timeline with minimal editing. The result is an experimental moving image work generating a mesmerising sonic visual landscapes, enabling viewer to fabricate diverse personal, cross-narratives between the video works.

Images here