Madly Into Night

Madly Into Night

1 min 25 secs from 5 mins 30secs

‘Madly Into Night interweaves enchantment of fairytale, perverse pleasure of horror/thriller, and extreme brutalities of the Nazi regime to dismiss any unified cohesion of nation and self. Set in Bavaria, I fragments three realities; global shame of the holocaust, local history of Ludwig II’s colurful, mysterious rule, and the personal love story of a Munich inhabitant’s parents separated during the second world war.

Assuming both role of the mad king and his fated empress Sissi, I deploy physicality of body to enact my internal interpretation of these truths in relation to specific locations and prop/objects. The obscenely multiplitious nature of her arduous physical tasks deploy the non-reproducibility of performance to transgress art into life.

Funded by Culture 2000 Programme | European Union

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