Interlace, Nottingham Art Gallery

Interlace, Artist’s talk, Nottingham Art Gallery, 9 & 10 September, 2010

Focus on exploring overlaps and links between textile practice and other diverse disciplines, such as computer programming, mathematics, music and science.

Gathering  artists, historians, writers, curators and others interested in exploring the intersections between Nottingham as a city, its historical links with textile production, trade and collecting, and contemporary art practice. Taking place at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham will be the initial point of departure but Interlace will draw routes across the UK and out to China and India.   A two-day programme of lectures from 9-10 September, programmed by Yasmin Canvin, includes contributions from Carole Collett and Brona McVittie (Nobel Textiles), Tom Fisher, Kate Goldsworthy, Janis Jeffries, David Littler, Kai-Oi Jay Yung, Ying Kwok (Chinese Arts Centre), Barbara Taylor and Sian Weston.

Interlace is programmed as part of Sowing Seeds, a region-wide International Artists in Residence Programme, organised by East Midlands Visual Arts Network and supported by Arts Council England East Midlands and the Cultural Olympiad.


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