Zaha Hadid Architects Workshop, Manchester Art Gallery

JS BACH/Zaha Hadid Architects

Manchester Art Gallery

I was invited to lead, devise and facilitate workshops interpreting the Zaha Hadid’s new commission for Manchester International Festival at Manchester Art Gallery. I created hands on exploratory workshops that invited the public to consider sound through making listening and playing instruments that could then be used as interaction with Zaha Hadid’s undulating structure.

Friday 3 July 2009 – Monday 31 August 2009

A major new commission by Manchester International Festival with Manchester Art Gallery. Bach’s sublime solo works for piano, violin and cello will be performed in a unique environment created by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s music is both beautiful and audacious, striking and sensual.
Zaha Hadid Architects will be visually and acoustically transforming the exhibition space, creating an extraordinary and intimate chamber music hall, exclusively for Manchester International Festival.

One of my wearable castanet hats


Jay's eg Guitar grad

Zaha Hadid Manc International Festival two

Zaha Hadid Manc International Festival  trio