‘After (The World)’ Commission

After(The World)

A new video work composed of ink paint/brush &


Commissioned by Courvoisier, released Oct/Nov 2011


Video stills © Kai-Oi Jay Yung





After (The World) offers Yung’s scale of a possible new world concluding the chaos of industrial advance, ecological destruction and social suicide. Characteristic of Yung’s bewildering diverse process combining photography, animation, video, sculpture, and sound, conjures an ethereal kaleidoscopic universe that gives rise to hope of a new structure after the end of all. An underwater seascape charts a beginning as we follow the rise and setting of multiple planets and strange parasitic amoebic forms. ; Teasingly, they spirit into butterflies, reindeer, birds… coral, flowers, ships, intestines… all map towards the vociferous speed of man’s excess and a critical collision into amphitheatre, skyscraper… architectural mess residue over time. Yung’s original, hypnotic process-led take on the constellation of all things orchestrates the internal logic to accompanying ambient soundtrack, with ethereal ink and brush, hand-craft and digital colluding amongst pinkish hues and milky azures. What lies after is a sensorial rhythmic of rotating organic mass, a sonorous vision to blossom nature, man and our habitats.

Showreel Excerpt, 33 seconds. Duration:5 mins 15 seconds

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