Public Participation- Sound & Craft

Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing, The Grundy Art Gallery

As part of my exhibition I made two public invitations for taking part, details below.

For resulting Mottos In Thread see here

For resulting sound piece, see 7 Circles

There are two ways you can get involved in the exhibition with a short sound recording and/or a sewing/knitting/crochet/making contribution.




!No stitch too elaborate, no letter too wonky!


I would like to invite you to contribute towards this show and a chance to discover, practise or refine your sewing skills in a making gesture that will become part of what is to unfold. An opportunity to express personal experiences, thoughts, commemorations through simple needle and thread…

Artist Kai-Oi Jay Yung invites you to express your personal phrase or motto for life on fabric, to be part of the next exhibition from 19th January – 9th March 2013.

Jay invites you to embroider, crochet, knit or simply sew a phrase or motto that conveys your outlook in life into fabric. Send it or bring it into the Grundy Art Gallery before the 5th of January 2013.

What to make?

Phrase/Moto: Perhaps it’s a self-taught wisdom, a saying/perspective passed down that lifts your spirits and helps you make sense of daily living, an event or experience… as long as it holds some sort of personal meaning for you, it can be as obscure as old family habits.

Please sew this phrase as clearly as possible, or if very long, select 7 words bearing the meaning of this phrase into the material.

Material: cotton, wool, nylon… newly bought, or recycled fabrics (WASHED, CLEAN!), curtain, cushion, tablecloth, clothing- strips sewn together… any soft fabric possible to sew into that will not break needle. No plastics please.

Material Colour: Pick one of these colours below- the fabric should be all the same colour if possible:

Violet/purple, red, orange, yellow, green, blue/indigo, gold or white

Thread Colour: Any, multi-coloured. Writing must be legible

Fabric/Work Size: From palm of hand to large LCD flat screen and anywhere in between

Shape/Dimension: Circle- it can either be flat or you can make it as a cushion (with soft material scrap materials- odd sock etc/stuffing inside) within size above. If as a cushion you can just focus sewing detail on one side if preferred

Detail: Sewing can simply be the phrase, or freely add small detail embellishments related to the phrase, wider experience/memory/story. There may be pictorial/illustrative, symbols or abstract shapes or combination. Welcome embellishments, dangling trinkets, worry dolls, buttons, ribbon, charms can be added but nothing too heavy or harmful.

I am busy, how long will this take? 5 minutes to 5 days depending on how considered and embellished your creation is. Make it as plain or elaborate as you wish.

Details: Please include a note in capital letters with the following details: Name, age, email, contact, location). If desired include an accompanying short note on the work/phrase’s meaning to you.

Donating the work: You will be donating your work to the wider exhibition and the artist may choose to display it again in future exhibitions as part of her ongoing investigations into how we live.


Kai-Oi Jay Yung

 Grundy Art Gallery

Queen Street, Blackpool, FY1 1PU




!No mezzo too forte, no castrato too high!

Artist Kai-Oi Jay Yung invites you to clear your lungs, make a noise and be part of her next exhibition running from 19th January – 9th March 2013.

Jay invites you to make a sound for it to reverberate across the Grundy’s gallery spaces. Simply record, email or upload via Dropbox or SoundCloud and send Jay the link by 9th December 2012. This is a chance to contribute towards a piece composed of collective voices the artist will orchestrate and integrate into her exhibition.

What sound shall I make?

Please choose one of the following sounds:








Label each file with the selected sound made. You may send more than one sound, but they should be saved and sent as separate recording files accordingly labelled with the sound as the file name.

I can’t sing! How long should I utter it for, what tone of voice?

Please find a quiet background and sing the sound one time in your most melodic voice. No problem if you cannot sing or are tone free, just try your best! The sound should be made audible, loud with minimal background noise for a count of 10 seconds.

Technical information

How do I record my voice?

Most computers are equipped to record sound with in-built mic and export software

I have a PC

I have a Mac

What format?

High quality wav or mpeg 4. The file should be quick to record, upload and send given size and content.

How do I send my sound file to the artist via Email, SoundCloud or Dropbox?


Or use SoundCloud and Dropbox and send the link to

Step by step guide for SoundCloud and Dropbox

See above of also how to take part with ‘Your Motto In Thread’!

Thank you. I look forward to hearing and seeing your creations!

For further details contact Kai-Oi Jay Yung: