Oliver Holt Gallery Residency, Sherborne

Oliver Holt Gallery Residency, Sherborne, January-February 2010

Recent residency in Sherborne. Using this time to develop aspects of my 2008 Hong Kong-California research trip which will come together in a solo show at Cornerhouse end 2010/11.

Time here  in affluent Sherborne has unraveled in a series of collaborations with some talented musicians including an organ player from the Chichester Sinfonia, a harp player, pianist and deft violinist. It has extended in particular one aspect of my San Jose narrative which focuses on Sarah Winchester of Mystery House and repeating rifle tragedy, with performative reconstructions entailing Jane Austen. Some images from filming thus far below.

Please see ‘EXHIBITIONS’ for details of Cornerhouse show.

Thanks to Oliver Holt Gallery

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