Week 2 Forward Session 8/8: Alexander & Butoh

Following my hooping session with Jen, it was good to continue the discourse Maria that I had begun to develop in our session that had involved Butoh to Alexander technique and Brazilean dance.
I had asked Maria to join me in Saturday’s performance since I felt an affinity with her in terms of Alexander technique and also Butoh. Her style very much complemented Elinor’s physical theatre techniques, it was clear Maria had a classical dance background but also that she had crossed over into physical theatre, whilst Elinor was crossing more into the realms of turning what I knew as acting inside out into a certain rawness of emotion and action.

These were the elements I connected with in both their forms. The day weaved and wound in an attempt to find some structure for Saturday’s session. I was struggling slightly because suddenly there was a pressure removing me from the sessions and away from exploration of the tasks- in week one I was in a degree of abandonment not looking forward towards any timeline- meanwhile, the absurdly short time span of these sessions meant somehow to direct each forms learnings towards a certain ‘performative’ conclusion on Saturday. We practised meditative tasks and then also began to experiment with how we could use moulding techniques in and around each other’s bodies. We also played with the swopping of tapping each other’s bodies as trigger to movement, but to some degree that had become to much like a game of tag that had been less open.

So, with this in mind, I left with no particular strategy or confirmation of what is to take place in Saturday’s (tomorrow) public ‘performance’. Although slightly unnerving, it’s how it is to be.

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