Vivienne Westwood: 100 Days of Active Resistance

My photograph ‘Seek, Don’t Hide’ featured in Vivienne Westwood’s ‘100 Days of Active Resistance’, Day 59

In 2010 Vivienne Westwood launched an online manifesto ‘100 Days of Active Resistance’ responding to the conception of “Active Resistance to Propaganda,” in which Westwood argues for culture’s capacity to elevate humanity above self-destruction. “It is not enough to follow world politics, see films and read the prizewinning bestsellers,” she insists; “this is superficial, you need to go deep in order to understand who you are, what the world is and how things could be better. This involves culture which can only be acquired by self-education: human beings should mirror the world.”

Starting on September 8, 2010, for 100 days, one artwork was showcased online daily. This volume gathers these works and commemorates the project. I was day 59.

‘Seek, Don’t Hide’

From 100 Days of Active Resistance
From 100 Days of Active Resistance
From 100 Days of Active Resistance

This photograph was taken during my project Happy Stacking in China. I worked closely with two families producing local produce (peanut oil and dried food) to foster their craft skills in a bid to stimulate their thought process in relation to regional identities and wider context of global economy. I created two documentaries and a series of crochet art products and peanut oil design packaging which boosted sales and injected new confidence amongst the Nanling community.

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