Audition: The Chorus Line

The Chorus Line

Invited to take part in Audition Project by Miss High Leg Kick alongside 74 UK based artists onto the Birmingham Hippodrome stage in a snapshot of the performing arts.

Over the course of a single day we learnt and re­created the opening audition scene from the 1985 film ‘A Chorus Line’. The process was filmed shot by shot by Richard DeDomenici to match the original film scene – for a Redux film.

‘Audition Project’ explores themes of ambition, creativity and dance, and the challenges faced by artists in a difficult funding environment.

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LADA Screens


Live Launch Event ­ Thursday 9 June at 7pm

Starring Katy Baird, Lewis Barfoot, Claire Benjamin, Sarah Blanc, Duo Bogof, Ira Brand, Barbara Brownskirt, Marisa Carnesky, Fancy Chance, Chris Dobrowolski, Cheryl Dole, Abi Cunliffe, Dicky Eton, Anna Frisch, Sue Frumin, Chris Gayford, Ruby Glaskin, Christopher Green, Susannah Hewlett, Catherine Hoffman, Kazuko Hohki, Jenny Hunt, Holly Darton, Lucy Hutson, Danielle Imara, Mamoru Iriguchi, Tim Jeeves, Bob Karper, Miss High Leg Kick, Paul Kieve, Amy Kingsmill, Jessica Latowicki, Richard Layzell, Lisa Lee, Lennie, Brian Lobel, Tom Marshman, Stacy Makishi, Ursula Martinez, Lucy McCormick, Victoria Melody, Joseph Mercier, Charlie Murphy, Nao Nagai, Steve Nice, Yoko Nishimura, Project O, Harold Offeh, Louise Orwin, Tim Redfern, Marcus Reeves, James Riordan, Bernadette Russell, Annie Siddons, Joshua Sofaer, Boogaloo Stu, Figs in Wigs, Olivia Winteringham, Caroline Wright and Kai-Oi Joyce Yung.

Starring Simon Casson as “Zach”.



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