I Become Lost… The Kiss of A Lifetime, Vane & The Cube

I…Become Lost

Mixed Media Collage and Drawing

Kissing involves heightening of the senses; pure delight of internal combustion, tantalizing desire for infinitely more. To self-consume, to corrupt and annihilate each other in the act. The desperately irregular inhalation of breath, suction at that rhythmic critical point for the other’s internal pumping heart becomes a feral transaction in exchange for expulsion of saliva, bodily fluids.

‘I … Become Lost’ reaches deep within the kiss and spits out the self-consumption of life, war, desire itself. The drawn image/collage of automatic doodling, of ‘in the moment’ abstracts instinctive experience of desire; lines, colours and shapes to fornicate on the paper are spontaneous, unpredictable, chaotic. The riot of characters and narrative converge, hyper–intensive, too much at once. Image digitalisation removes the artist hand, locking in the kiss of life/death forever more.

I... Become Lost

Kiss…. Limited Edition Prints for Sale

Haiti Art Auction: CUBE, Manchester, March, 2010

A limited edition print of I become Lost (below) was bought by Michael Farquhar to raise money for UNICEF’s Haiti appeal. Exhibiting alongside:  Jeremy Deller, Gustav Metzger and David Mackintosh


The Kiss of A Lifetime

Touring exhibition,

Bearspace, 6-12 August

Vane, 4-12 September

The Kiss Of A Lifetime