Early works- Sonic Blob

Sonic Blob

Degree Show, Dundee, 2006

An installation comprising the hybrid sculptures- Blobs, and wooden constructions, Skaletrix, Doodles, and the jigsaw DIY salvaged architectural structure of Tech Pagoda which simultaneously immerses viewer in three different video pieces. From free standing, dangling and leaning constructions, to cross-referential projections on opposite walls, sonic plays a crucial element to this bio-amorphic environment and the viewer’s place within it.

Curation of live events including performance, audio and lyrical prose from local/international artists to interpret and respond to Sonic Blob.

Sculptures: Parametric Blobs, Skaletrix


Commissioned by A-N Magazine to share thoughts and processes in the making of Sonic Blob and degree show run up

Fffftttt!.jpgFruit Loops Installation.jpgSonic Blob Dubdee LINK to SONIC COLLAB Marcus.jpgTech Pagoda, 2006.jpg

See Parametric Blobs

Tech Pagoda

Fruit Loops


Diggin U

Making Process

Opening show performances

Dubdee; Derek Lodge and Michael Mallet

Invited The Reel Michael Jackson; Herve Goffings