‘Amnesia: A Rehearsal’

Excerpt from 29 minutes 31 seconds

‘Amnesia: A Rehearsal’ is a psychological anti-narrative based on the intertwined biographies of Sarah Winchester, Jane Austen and chance internal crossings of the artist herself with Marigold Verity, a harpist in Sherborne. In 2007, as part of a wider research trip across Hong Kong and California, Yung journeyed to San Jose to interview Shozo Kagoshima, director of the million-dollar labyrinth mansion; the Winchester Mystery House. Three years later, the compulsion to revisit the figure of Sarah Winchester and a tortured existence consumed by séances and never ending construction repeats itself through Yung’s own memory and need to re-enact an unresolved history. Combining script, performance and undirected improvisation, what results is an unsuspecting part fiction-documentary that sequences the coincidence biographical accounts of collaborators/protagonists themselves. The timeline detects the hidden psychosis looping time, place and multiple voices; surfacing permutations between the real and unseen that resonates our daily living.

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