Smith’s Row – Making & Mending, Sock Exchange Reprise

Making & Mending

9 & 10 October 2010, Bury St Edmunds Gallery, UK

Sock Exchange returns for a two day reprise…

sock exchange stampx

9 – 10 October 2009

‘Sock Exchange’ returned for a two day reprise at Bury St Edmunds gallery following initial incarnating residency at FACT. I invited local inhabitants to transform the humble holey socks into sock d’objet d’art and to consider the repercussions of our carbon sockprint and sustainability of our consumption habits. Also showing was 20 minute documentary ‘Socking’ exploring sock manufacture across the UK and our declining textile industry. Old and young alike brought their clean, odd (clean!) socks for my two day set up in the gallery. No sock too holey! Since I don’t usually tour my work or myself so it was interesting to see how ‘Sock Exchange’ repositioned.

Bury St Edmunds says: ‘Recently there has been a burgeoning trend for contemporary artists to re-examine old-fashioned notions of thrift and “domestic economy”. Issues explored include sustainability, a rejection of consumerism and strategies for coping with the recession. Artists are not only “making”, but also “mending” through projects with a strong sense of social engagement and responsibility.’

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Socking antics

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Gallery Sockers

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Workshop, Surrey

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Participant Comments:

‘This is a thought provoking and awareness raising exhibition, I like your energy!’ J. Brookes, 54, Bury St Edmunds

‘This was imaginative, colourful and friendly… to be stimulated to think about carbon footprint in such a way- that art could interact with social and environmental themes but great to see it in practice- please let us know what you move on to do next’ Salli, 37.

‘This is an excellent and innovative way of getting public interaction on art, I’ve never given a sock to a stranger before! Your art helped change my attitude about art and climate change.’ Alex 38, Cambridge

‘So interesting and inviting. It was so hard not to touch and feel and enjoy exploring.’ Roger Harnham, 42, Packenham

‘Fascinating, intelligent and a breath of fresh air, oh and cheesy!’ 33, London

‘Wonderful creation, a beautiful work of art. Great talking with you Jay.’ Matt Deanie, 38, Wales.

‘I learnt that art can be anything you want it to be’. Ellie Gedding, 13, Newcastle

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