Week 2 9/8: Breaking

Contrary to my own prejudice, I was actually impressively decent at today’s breaking session with the talented and formidable Adam Tallon. I’ve always felt connected to hip hop, b-boy culture and scratching so this was a natural need to seek this form out.

Adam breaks in tandem with Dave, whose West Coast Electric Boogaloo dance style mostly challenged my innate funk last week. Unlike it’s title, breaking actually is the antithesis of how it sounds, it’s a lot more morphy and gloopy I feel than popping, which at the learning stage for sure atomises and abstracts the body, making it difficult for me to connect. I am sure the repetition would overcome this but in a three hour session, first bodily impressions last.

That breaking originates from actual jail fights means it’s evolved from an aggressive confrontational physical impact exchange into a lifestyle that includes street dance offs to club culture involving the many immaculate and awe inspiring dexterous steps to power moves demonstrated to me today. I like the fact that we begun by military camp running around the Bluehouse courtyard, the warm up already half wiping me out, but it was actually fun to gently tease my body’s pace and habitual positioning today. Besides the splits, vertically, cheoreographically, and an immense sense of accomplishment in timing my mid air twisty leg twirl to a simple toprock and step- we  snatched and focused in on different stages of techniques along the breaking timeline, considering geographical variations and impetus. Even if my moves weren’t as sharply executed as Adam’s- blink and you’ve missed his one legged quadruple air swipes- my body got the gist.

Popping and breaking clearly are intertwined counterparts,  equally as fervent, tenacious and deft. In that respect there is no separation from art process and moreover, they have the best scratches and snares to live by.

I want to pursue this a little more… I should go to bed though since tomorrow will see a culmination of the two weeks in Closing Event, Talk & Performance, 10 August, 2013, 2pm

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2013-08-09 14.52.42

2013-08-09 14.51.42

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