Flip Flop Mosquito

22 seconds from 1 minute 10 seconds

In this simple and emotive short, Yung’s body explicitly becomes the recorder for the physical journey undertaken across the multiple locations and encounters. Yung has suffered from sciatica since her 2006 performance Trampoline and now our gaze falls onto the unsightly mosquito blemishes inflicted during her filming at the Thousand Buddha Monastery. Attempt to heal and rub away the swollen marks are numbed from any direct sensation by the lens, yet the high-pitched erhu recording by a Hong Kong busker roots memory and place. The tattered, worn flip-flops bear the marks of such journeying, a stranger generously ties and cuts the strap to repair and protect. The humbleness of this act as we look down towards Yung’s feet reveal the vulnerability and progression of the artist’s journey. Here we may see more of the voice behind the multiple films, as also gleaned in New World and Amnesia: A Rehearsal. Yung’s identity as artist and autobiographical self come together in this work, in continuity and chance for retrospection.

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