Lin Han Wa

Lin Han Wa, Dried Food Processor, Market Stall Outlet

I developed a series of crochet products with Lin and her dried food wares (from kumquats to mushrooms and salted fish). A set of unique, colourful, characterful alternatives for Lin’s regular non-descript transparent jars and food bags were fashioned, triggering creativity and confidence in her own business and skills.

On event of Happy Stacking day, takingplace at the end of the residency, Lin sold her crochet bags, and an order was placed by a Guangzhou based Scandinavian businesswoman for a crochet style necklace and branded goods. The sales and responses from locals is a promising step signalling real possibilities and market economics in action.


003.JPGAuthentic organic dried food products packaged in tailor crocheted bags, created in collaboration with Lin Han Wa, Guangdong, China,

Crochet Product List 1

Crochet Product List 2

Crochet Product List 3




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