1 min 12 from 7 minutes 32 seconds

Inspired by our obsession with spiritual practices and self-help literature, Trampoline confronts our perseverance of life’s grind in the hope of being rewarded with jouissance. The incessant jumping, itself a test of endurance over eight hours long, mimics our shackles to daily duty in the same way the real time action suddenly freezes into perfect still or hyper-speed of the fall, life’s unexpected exaltation.

My interest in physical movement has persisted throughout my practice, exploring the intersections between psychology, movement and the body. In 2006 my performance piece Trampoline, highlighted these interests. The work entailed jumping up and down in a Scottish forest for 9 hours on a trampoline to consider internal/external boundaries linked to identity and politics. My repetitious jumping suggests the banal repetitiveness of daily routines, while my commands to the viewer to ‘come over here’ and ‘look over there’ presents issues of manipulation from the media, and other power structures in society, as well as directly addressing the artist/viewer relationship within the work, moving beyond the usual performer/passive viewer dynamic. This became edited into a 7 minute video performance.

Live performance with piano quartet