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Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing, solo exhibition, Grundy Art Gallery
Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing, exhibition, Grundy Art Gallery
Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing, exhibition, Grundy Art Gallery
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Places infiltrate my memory into action Sounds trigger my interaction with others

My process-led practice spans video, installation to drawing and live performance merging digital technologies with lo-fi craft. My sculptures, immersive video narratives and multi-sensory interventions described as ‘beguiling and prolific’,  propelled by a desire to seek perspectives of truth through expulsing sites of conflict within the individual. I am interested in such blockages, of language, action, suffering, linked to our fluctuating psychological and physiological propensities and how to create fissures in those incarcerating structures and boundaries that can intensify anxiety, alienation and marginalisation. Through editing process and my sensory installations, I can dissect and offer new meanings, connections and truths in relation to our fears, desires and life’s complexities. Piercing people, place, action, material, time, my works confront viewer with participatory reassessment of our migratory histories, locating our spiritual dilemmas and possible resolve of our collective constructed identities. With dark humour and play as glue, my process may precipitate change and open ruptures for possible co-existence towards active self-agency and hope and a reassessment of our belief systems. From; examining trauma and suffering, how this manifests psychologically and physiologically through the body and in relation to our mystical energy centres in  ‘Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing’, solo exhibition, Grundy Art Gallery, embodying seer/savant/dictator in Military Craft I (Guangzhou Live)- and II (Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast) reinterpreting eccentric 18th century Bavarian ruler Ludwig II (Madly Into Night, Munich) to tell a  holocaust love story, deploying the tarot cards to map Marseille’s port flux (Tarot De Marseille, La Friche La Belle De Mai), re-presenting American occult figure of Sarah Winchester crossed with Jane Austen in Amnesia; A Rehearsal bringing together a large scale research trajectory across Hong Kong-Califnornia in Interval; A Narrative Psychosis -  my 13 channel video installation transformed gallery into labyrinth set stage- I use forgotten detritus to interpret a sublime paradise sanctuary inhabited by colourful creatures from scrap materials-  jumping interminably on a trampoline in a Scottish forest-  exploring food production in China with local families (Happy Stacking with Grizedale Arts and Vitamin Creative Space)… interviewing Steven Speilberg’s scriptwriter- scaling the heights of Palm Springs aerial tramway, panning South China sea vistas- devising a carbon sockprint formulae in Sock Exchange, (FACT) My art enables me to incite critical dialogue through participation with people far and wide, to delve deep across territories, to pierce boundaries between truth/fiction into new realities that can instigate spiritual reprieve, we may yet begin to heal our histories and value our biosphere and give each other a chance. With a dose of wonder along the way.

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See Military Craft I, Guangzhou Live

light Gestalt, Calvert 22

From Military Craft II, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

Shadow Dance 1

From Shadow Dance, the Bluecoat, 2013


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